We educate people for tomorrow’s world.

We educate people for tomorrow’s world.


Master of physiotherapy is a 5-year programme of studies carried out according to Education Standards adopted by the Polish Ministry of Science and Higher Education. The curriculum and plans of studies take into consideration the guidelines of the World Confederation for Physical Therapy (WCPT). To enhance your practical skills even further we offer  you in one package an additional massage technician programme.


Changes taking place in the society are contributing to the popularity of the profession of a physiotherapist. Statistically, our society begins to age, the birth rate decreases and people live longer. In this situation there is bound to be a growing demand for medical specialists in the market. Choosing physiotherapy studies at our College will guarantee you education at the highest European level.

The aim of the studies is to prepare graduates to pursue careers as physiotherapists by providing them with the knowledge and skills necessary to assist people of all ages in developing, maintaining and recovering their fitness and physical functions, which have been lost or reduced as a result of illness or injury. Moreover, the aim of the studies is to enable students to acquire knowledge on theory, methodology and practice of physiotherapy, diagnostic skills and the ability to perform physiotherapy, massage and kinesitherapy procedures, basic techniques of manual therapy and application of orthopaedic appliances. The studies aim to enable students to obtain physical fitness necessary for appropriate demonstration and performance of kinesitherapy procedures in patients with illnesses and disabilities. In terms of social competence, the studies provide an opportunity to find fulfilment in individual work with patients and in co-operation in a therapeutic team.

The teaching staff include academic teachers, mainly from prestigious Poznań universities, including the University School of Physical Education, Poznań University of Medical Sciences, Adam Mickiewicz University, and practitioners, that is physiotherapists working in health centres or running their own private practices. The majority of specialist subjects, as well as clinical practice and practical classes are taught by doctors certified in medical rehabilitation, balneoclimatology and physical medicine and physiotherapists with Master’s degrees working in hospitals and rehabilitation centres.