We educate people for tomorrow’s world.

We educate people for tomorrow’s world.

Massage in the rehabilitation and biological regeneration (two-semester studies)

Target group

The programme is offered to graduates of physiotherapy, pharmacy, nursing, obstetrics, medical analytics, dietetics, medical rescue, cosmetology, medicine, dentistry, and physical education.

Purpose and scope

The main focus of the programme is on obtaining practical skills, necessary in effective rehabilitation and sports recovery. Thanks to a large number of practical classes, the students will acquire the ability to perform classic, sports, cosmetic, lymphatic, deep tissue, and segment-reflex massage.

Additional competences of students after graduation include the ability to apply selected physical therapy and kinesitherapy methods, application of relaxation techniques and the knowledge of nutrition and supplementation in the rehabilitation process, as well as basic knowledge of psychology and interpersonal communication, necessary to understand the needs of a patient/client and to maintain a professional approach to a patient/client.